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Chicks in Crisis operates almost entirely on the goodwill of others.


Grant Letter from Elk Grove Chief of Police


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To Whom it May Concern:

It is my understanding that Chicks‐In‐Crisis, (CIC) a Sacramento‐area non‐profit organization providing essential services primarily to pregnant young women, has made application to your organization for financial support of some of their programs. As one of CIC’s many community and financial supporters, I am pleased to be able to offer a positive recommendation.

I learned of CIC’s programs a couple of years ago and, when I learned more about their education
programs, understood that CIC’s services and our own public safety mission were complimentary. Since that time, the Elk Grove Police Department (EGPD) have assisted with some funding to help support CIC’s education programs. Although CIC’s primary focus is best described as health and welfare related, the population they work with can be described as “at‐risk” from a gang, drug, and general crime perspective. It is well known that providing necessary tools to success to people at risk and in crisis offers the very best opportunity for their success in future life and, in our case, a life free of crime and substance abuse. EGPD’s funding sources are restricted to these types of programs so, while we are able to provide grants to support CIC’s educational programs, we are not able to fully meet that need and we are not able assist with other important CIC programs.

I am thankful that an organization like Chicks‐In‐Crisis exists in our community and am pleased to be able to provide some support, albeit in a limited way, for their programs. I am professionally acquainted with Ms. Inez Whitlow, CIC’s Executive Director, and have found her to be knowledgeable, dedicated, and energetic toward achieving her organization’s mission and the betterment of our community.

Please strongly consider including Chicks in Crisis in your grant portfolio. Do not hesitate to contact me at (916) 627‐3300 or by email (rlehner@elkgrovepd.org) if you would like to discuss our involvement with Chicks in Crisis or you have any additional questions or information I might be able to provide.


Robert M. Lehner
Chief of Police

Community Against Sexual Harm


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Chicks in Crisis operates almost entirely on the goodwill of others. With your help, we can continue to provide life changing services in our community!


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